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Road Accidents Pose Biggest Threat Thumbnail

Road Accidents Pose Biggest Threat

This past weekend, 26 Boston University students studying in New Zealand were involved in a fatal three-vehicle collision. Sadly, three of those students lost their lives in the tragic accident, while one of the student drivers was air lifted to a hospital for treatment of life-threatening injuries. As reported in the Huffington Post,

The school said 26 students were traveling in three vans on their way to walk the Tongariro Crossing, a hike across a volcanic crater that is rated as one of New Zealand’s most spectacular. One of the minivans drifted to the side of the road around 7:30 a.m., then rolled when the driver tried to correct course near the North Island vacation town of Taupo, New Zealand police said….Study abroad program executive director Bernd Widdig called the deaths were the worst tragedy to hit the program since it began in the 1980s.”

More than any other cause of injury or fatality, road accidents pose the biggest threat to American travelers. According to a USA Today analysis: Read More »

Spend a Life Changing Week in Jamaica Thumbnail

Spend a Life Changing Week in Jamaica

Won By One To Jamaica was founded by 1989 by Henry Shaffer.  At the time he was a teacher and contractor and went to Jamaica to help with relief after Hurricane Gilbert devastated the island. One of the places the visited was the small remote village of Harmons. Over 2 decades later after his initial trip, approximately 700 volunteers will be traveling to Jamaica  this year to serve this small community by building 50 houses.  However, rather than doing things for them that they might be able to do just as well on their own, Won By Won to Jamaica also aspires to focus on the gifts and talents that the community possess rather than only focus on problems and deficiencies.  Read More »

Updated U.S. State Department Travel Warning for Lebanon Thumbnail

Updated U.S. State Department Travel Warning for Lebanon

The US State Department updaet the Travel Warning for Lebanon and continues to urge U.S. citizens to avoid all travel to Lebanon due to current safety and security concerns. U.S. citizens living and working in Lebanon should understand that they accept risks in remaining and should carefully consider those risks. This supersedes the Travel Warning issued on October 12, 2011, to update information on security and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. Read More »

Updated U.S. State Department Travel Warning for Algeria Thumbnail

Updated U.S. State Department Travel Warning for Algeria

Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the risks of travel to Algeria. This Travel Warning replaces the Travel Warning for Algeria dated September 19, 2011 to update information on the current security situation in Algeria, the continuing threat posed by terrorism, and to reiterate information on security incidents and recommendations on security awareness. Read More »

Mission Update: Time Ministries, Dominican Republic Thumbnail

Mission Update: Time Ministries, Dominican Republic

Author: Adam Bates

Another story from the field! Our group travel medical insurance client, Time Ministries, shares this update on a recent trip to the Dominican Republic:

Our group of 6 men went to the Dominican Republic to build a 25 x 36 foot Pavilion in the village of Cercadillo, about 60 miles north of Santo Domingo, the capitol of the DR. Ina York has been tirelessly working in Cercadillo for over 5 years. To see, firsthand, what God has done in the village through Ina is truly unbelievable. Read More »

Mission Update: Trinity Fellowship, L’Arcada, Spain Thumbnail

Mission Update: Trinity Fellowship, L’Arcada, Spain

We love sharing stories about our group travel medical insurance clients, especially those on mission…

This story comes from Trinity Fellowship Evangelical Free Church in Michigan about their mission work at L’Arcada, a Native American-style youth summer camp developed to reach the people of Spain! Here’s an update the team will share with their church family this coming Sunday:

Our team of ten people that returned April 20 from Trinity Fellowship’s mission trip to L’Arcada in Spain is grateful for the support that made this possible. We had a profitable work time making the camp Read More »