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How They Celebrate Christmas in Chile Thumbnail

How They Celebrate Christmas in Chile

An expat living in Santiago, Chile wrote a very interesting post over Expat Exchange. Chile is south of the equator so Christmas is right in the middle of summer and end of the school year. Traditional US festivities, baking cookies and decorations are not the norm. The focus of Christmas in Chile is mostly religious. As the Expat Exchange post explains:

The main attraction in the home is the creche or “pesebre” with the baby Jesus missing from the manger until midnight Christmas Eve. Families will have holiday meals. Frozen turkey is beginning to become popular, but given it’s summer many choose cold plates of meat, or asados/barbeques. The holiday drink is cola de mono, made with aguardiente, sugar, milk, coffee and spiced with cloves, cinnamon and orange zest. As midnight arrives the families may attend midnight mass. When they return the baby Jesus is placed in his spot and the presents are ripped opened.

Bathing suits are more popular than scarves, gloves and coats and water skiing is more popular than snow skiing as families head to the beach to try and cool off.

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Have a Merry Christmas!

5 Tips for Protecting Your Family While Living Abroad Thumbnail

5 Tips for Protecting Your Family While Living Abroad

One of the single most important issues for all families across the world is protecting them against the challenging surprises of life. This can become a particular concern for expats, as each country is different.

There is a wide range of policies on the market that should suit everyone; the tricky bit is picking which ones are suitable! Christopher Wicks director of Bridgewater Financial Services says:

“It is imperative that an assessment is carried out by either an international bank, or an independent specialist protection adviser to avoid over- or underinsuring.”

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