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Posted on March 19, 2012 in Asia, Evacuation, Travel Advisory

Israel: Updated Travel Warning

Source: U.S. Department of State

The Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the risks of traveling to Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip, and about threats to themselves and to U.S. interests in those locations. The Department of State urges U.S. citizens to remain mindful of security factors when planning travel to Israel and the West Bank and to avoid all travel to the Gaza Strip. This replaces the Travel Warning issued June 22, 2011, to update information on the general security environment.

The Gaza Strip and Southern Israel
The Department of State strongly urges U.S. citizens to avoid all travel to the Gaza Strip, which is under the control of Hamas, a designated foreign terrorist organization. American citizens in Gaza are advised to depart immediately. (more…)

Posted on March 16, 2012 in Africa, Evacuation, Travel Advisory

Updated Travel Warning for Mali

Source: U.S. Department of State

The U.S. Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the risk of travel to Mali, and recommends against all travel to the north of the country due to threats of attacks and kidnappings of Westerners. In addition, the National Movement for Liberation of the Azawad (MNLA) and other armed groups have attacked several locations in the north and engaged in battles with the Malian military. The conflict has sparked civil disturbances and attacks against ethnic minority groups in Bamako and other cities in the south. U.S. citizens are also advised that presidential and legislative elections scheduled (more…)

Posted on February 14, 2012 in Evacuation, North America

Not Your Ordinary Evacuation

Many clients ask me how medical evacuations are handled? My response: No two evacuations are the same.

When there is a medical emergency and the insured is not able to receive adequate local care, then he or she must call the 24 hour telephone assistance number. A crisis manager will begin asking the insured questions regarding his or her location, contact information, a description of injury or illness, policy information and if there is an attending physician. All this information will determine how, where and when the evacuation will be orchestrated.

On January 9th, our client, who was in Haiti, received a needle stick while providing care to patients. (more…)