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Failing Brakes Kill 4 From Grand Rapids in Haiti Thumbnail

Failing Brakes Kill 4 From Grand Rapids in Haiti

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti — Failing brakes were the cause of a traffic accident in Haiti that killed four Grand Rapids residents on a medical mission, Haitian police said Saturday.

Garry Victor of Haiti’s national police department said the Toyota Landcruiser carrying the four Americans and their Haitian driver crashed Friday afternoon through a barrier on a roadway in the mountains south of Port-au-Prince, then slid down a steep hill. The vehicle was in a five-vehicle convoy traveling to a hamlet where the missionaries were to spend a week providing medical attention to villagers. Read More »

“Refresh!” Blog from New Life Church Thumbnail

“Refresh!” Blog from New Life Church

New Life Church, one of our clients located in Gahanna Ohio, is very familiar with missionary work. Having just completed a mission trip to Costa Rica, we corresponded with the group leader Cindy. They have a wonderful blog that documents their trips and is available for any one to see. Cindy informed of us this wonderful resource and kindly agreed to let us highlight articles from their recent trip! Most every day is showcased in a fun and enlightening way in this blog. One of my favorite articles from the recent trip to Costa Rica is titled “Refresh!”

Below is the opening passage to the article:

“When your morning starts with birds chirping, flowers blooming, sun shining,  and Grandma Cindy’s baked oatmeal for breakfast, you know it is going to be a great day! By the way, this is Mama Cindy (schmidt) blogging, Grandma Cindy is missionary/ cook/hostess extraordinaire Lafrance, and Little Cindy is the youngster, Cindy Boggs- yes, we have 3 Cindys in the house, which is always fun!”

You can continue reading the full article, as well as look at all of the other blogs entries by clicking on this link.

American Pastor’s Release Unknown Thumbnail

American Pastor’s Release Unknown

American pastor Saeed Abedini went before a judge in Iran on Monday, January 21.

According to the Iranian Christian News Agency, public access to the courtroom was denied.

Pastor Abedini was charged with “creating house churches aimed to disturb national security and conspiring to commit crime,” as announced by the court.

Read the entire article here>>

Dr. Kings Final Sermon Thumbnail

Dr. Kings Final Sermon

Martin Luther King’s last speech, “I’ve Been the Mountaintop”, is well known, but you might have never heard of his last sermon – “The Drum Major Instinct”, where Dr. King encouraged his congregation to seek greatness, but to do so through service and love.

How remarkable that even amongst the fear of death threats that were so common near the end of his life, that Martin Luther King continued to preach a message of love and continued to serve and inspire until his last day.

 Read the whole sermon here…

Statement of Faith Thumbnail

Statement of Faith

It’s always good to get a refreshing reminder on why you do the wonderful work you do for those who are in need. When browsing the website of Won By One to Jamaica, one of our faithful clients, I came across a page entitled “Statement of Faith”. This blog post is here to give you a look at the wonderful work that Won By One to Jamaica does, as well as a source of inspiration for those needing it.

Read the Statement of Faith here!

2013 Flu Epidemic–Prepare Before You Travel Thumbnail

2013 Flu Epidemic–Prepare Before You Travel

As this years flu epidemic sweeps our nation more powerfully than in past years, we prepare for the worst and baton down the hatches. In some states simply obtaining the flu shot is out of the question due to the extreme popularity. He’s a video explaining this years flu epidemic. Know what you can before you do any traveling in this new year.

Client Kidnapped While In Afghanistan Thumbnail

Client Kidnapped While In Afghanistan

Afghan and Coalition Forces Rescue American Doctor Who Was Kidnapped by Taliban



KABUL, Afghanistan — An American doctor kidnapped by the Taliban was rescued Sunday by Afghan and coalition forces in eastern Afghanistan, officials said. At least six people were killed, including a member of a U.S. special forces Navy SEAL team. Two Taliban leaders were arrested during the rescue. Read More »