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Our clients have spoken! We are humbled and honored that so many of our clients have taken the time to reflect on their positive experience with Insurance Services of America.

Testimonials: See What Our Clients Are Saying

Suzanne thanks so much for making sure we were covered for any injury. There was a fellow on our cruise who joined the bungy cord exercise class and at some point, he came down on his foot and blew his ACL. His leg was wrapped, and he was getting around by wheelchair. Also, my dad was telling me that someone he knows was just on a cruise to the Caribbean and while on the cruise broke her leg. So glad we were covered. Thanks again!

Terri E. – Submitted 7/6/23

I must say, Baylie has been fantastic to work with!

Suzanne Z. – Submitted 6/23/23

Thank you for you speedy and efficient service.  I will definitely keep you in mind when we travel again.

Ricky and Tammy W. – Submitted 5/3/23

Adam the prospect of your help with a claim tipped the scales for me. I’ve decided to go with the TME trip cancellation plan.

Nancy S. – Submitted 4/4/23

Thanks so much Suzanne. As usual you take a bummer of a situation and fix it lickety-split! You’re the best.

Zachary F. – Submitted 3/30/23

The service we received from Suzanne was excellent throughout the entire process. All of our questions were answered effectively. Our coverage was not required during our adventure, but it was comforting to know that we had your great team supporting us should we have needed your assistance.

John O. – Submitted 2/1/23

Graham, I want to tell you that Rachel has been a delight to work with. I realized at the last minute that my group was going to need COVID insurance to enter Israel. She patiently walked me through the process, answered all of my questions, helped set up the contract, and delivered the goods. This kind of customer service is rare in these days. I am grateful.

Arlie F. – Submitted 1/30/23

Thanks again Suzanne for your professional and efficient help your knowledge of the business you do was exemplary.

Joy G. – Submitted 12/7/22

Rachel I’m back from my fabulous trip. Fortunately, I did not need the insurance as I was hoping would be the case. But the peace of mind just knowing I had it was worth the expense. Thank you for your help in getting that set up and for being accessible to answer my questions. That seems rare these days.

Esther G. – Submitted 10/18/22

First time user. Grateful coverage went unused, comforted knowing we had it. Easy to enroll. Thanks!

Alex I. – Submitted 10/13/22

I am very grateful to Mr. Adam Bates who went a number of extra miles to make sure everyone understood the insurance policy terms and benefits, even being present via the internet at one of our preparation meetings. Then, once we arrived home, he took the initiative to advocate for us with a particular need that was then taken care of without a problem. We are very grateful!

Denise S – Submitted 8/11/22

Rachel thank you so much for always making the process so easy for our mission trips! You are truly an answered prayer for our organization. Bless you!

Brenda C – Submitted 6/27/22

Adam and ISA were very helpful in helping us find the right health travel policy. He was always responsive and efficient in answering our questions. He kept in touch with reminders while we were on the trip. Thank you very much.

Loy B – Submitted 6/20/22

Thank you, Graham for your note. It’s a great comfort to us to be able to get health insurance for my sister-in-law from Venezuela.

Teresa P – Submitted 5/10/22

Adam Bates provided great customer service. He helped me choose an international health insurance policy while I lived overseas. Adam was prompt and kind in his email communication. He was available and helpful with any questions or concerns I had. Thank you, Adam!

Jackie B. – Submitted 4/7/22

Above and beyond with customer service. Adam and his team gave all of our trips the assurance of knowing we were being taken care of, which allowed us to accomplish what we set out to accomplish. Highly recommend!

Greg T. – Submitted 3/17/22

I just wanted you know how grateful I am for Rachel Piccione’s expertise and her service in securing our traveler’s insurance for our most recent medical mission trip. We have had several unforeseen circumstances for this most recent trip, which caused us not to know whether the trip would even happen. Due to the changing team members and uncertainty of the travel, we could not secure our traveler’s insurance until the last minute. She has answered all the questions we have had and has provided excellent communication and service for our organization.  Yesterday, I was overwhelmed with last-minute details, ensuring the team had everything they needed. She graciously took the information I had for our team members, applied for the insurance for us, and provided all the necessary documents the team members needed for travel.

Denise C. – Submitted 2/16/22

Peace of mind and amazing support. These are things that I was looking for on a travel insurance company. The folks at ISA helped me every step of the way and I am looking forward to working with them every time I travel.

Eliezer S. – Submitted 1/25/22

Suzanne, thanks so much for all your help with the team’s insurance pretrip.  We did have another wonderful week of service and were filled with many personal blessings.  We came back with all negative COVID tests so we’re VERY happy about that.

Lynda P. – Submitted 11/10/21

Suzanne did a great job getting me going on your Travel MedEvac plan and explaining it to me.

Jeff G. – Submitted 10/27/21

Adam you’re amazing & you’re an asset to ISA for sure! Great ending to that claim you worked on. It is so important to have travel insurance no matter how short/long or wherever you may travel, it’s like the commercial of American Express ‘don’t leave home without it.

Perla S. – Submitted 10/25/21

I just wanted to say I have always trusted and relied on Adam to help me through the process of obtaining international medical insurance and have never regretted my instincts. Thank you for what you do.

Helen Z. – Submitted 10/20/21

Adam, I have no doubt, you are the best. Thank you for being there for your clients.

Brenda T. – Submitted 10/20/21

I am confident that Suzanne will provide excellent support.  My wife and I saw Adam last year during Live and Invest Overseas’s “Live and Invest in Europe” teleconference. He was a hit in our house because he provided information we were seeking regarding insurance needs for living overseas. More from our BBB page!

John O. – Submitted 10/11/21

I really wanted to tell you, dealing with you has definitely been a breath of fresh air – easily, hands down, the highest level of customer service I’ve experienced with ANY company in years – thank you SO much again!

Gregory S. – Submitted 9/23/21

I am home safe and appreciate the coverage you gave and human element along the way. Felt good knowing I was covered and even better to know it was not needed.

Bruce  S. – Submitted 8/11/21

Thank you Suzanne for everything. My daughter is back in Ireland. I appreciate your prompt and professional service. I will be using your service again in the near future, when my daughter returns for a visit.

Brian W. – Submitted 8/4/21

Suzanne, thanks so much for the response. Always hope we never have to contact you, and all is safe while we are traveling.  But nice to hear a genuine person is there available if you do need help. Feels nice. More from our BBB page!

Vinaka B. – Submitted 6/8/21

Suzanne, we are both home now and the trip was perfect. Thanks again for all your hard work to get us organized and with peace of mind. Let’s stay in touch for future business. More from our BBB page!

Stew L. – Submitted 5/24/21

Suzanne did a great job in answering an agent regarding the market for our travel medical plans and he responded. This is one of the best responses I’ve ever received regarding these plans. Thanks so much. More from our BBB page!

Glen S. – Submitted 4/9/21

Adam has worked well with me through this entire Covid problem. I couldn’t ask for more. We have had to change trips often and I was never given any static about it. More from our BBB page!

Joe L. – Submitted 3/16/21

I was very impressed in dealing with Rachel in your office. She was just wonderful. More from our BBB page!

Charles P. – Submitted 2/23/21

You’re the best! More from our BBB page!

George P. – Submitted 2/9/21

Suzanne I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for helping and working through the process of seeing if the surgery would be covered, helping with paperwork, and seeing it all the way through to the reimbursement in the bank. Going through these health issues far away is hard enough as it is, and you made the process just a little easier and we really appreciate all your hard work!! More from our BBB page!

Jill H. – Submitted 1/20/21

Rachel, we just got the package you all sent us with the luggage tags and the beautiful CARD!  I have never been treated so well and personally.  You are awesome.  Thank you so much.  Please be blessed in your going out and your coming in. More from our BBB page!

Dan and Steph M. – Submitted 1/12/21

Thanks Suzanne, it is now downloaded on my computer. I can print it out when I arrive in Key West. I wish to say that I have been very happy with your attention. Many thanks! More from our BBB page!

Anna B. – Submitted 11/17/20

Suzanne – Fantastic! Thanks for all of your help. You’re a life saver. More from our BBB page!

Grant M. – Submitted 9/10/20

As always, you are Super helpful! Thank you!! More from our BBB page!

Rose H. – Submitted 8/27/20

Suzanne has been super helpful with information, servicing, and wisdom. More from our BBB page!

Warren W. – Submitted 4/16/20

Rachel’s customer service was better than I have ever had. I have already recommended her to other people. She went above and beyond to help. Can’t say enough good about her.

Kenneth K. – Submitted 3/3/20

Thank you so much for always being so helpful. You do a GREAT job.

Peter M. – Submitted 2/26/20

Thank you, Suzanne, for all you’ve done to help me and my team with our insurance needs for our trip to Guatemala.  I don’t see how our premiums can be as cheap as they are for as much work as you’ve had to put into it.  You’re very competent, personable, and on top of things.  I am really impressed with your service.  Cannot thank you enough!

Susie J. – Submitted 2/24/20

Rachel you did not disappoint, and that is why all those comments on the Better Business Bureau web site about your outstanding customer service are true, thank you for that! This gives me peace of mind and I am thankful for your hard work and commitment, not only to your company, but to your customers as well. More from our BBB page!

Julie G. – Submitted 2/04/20

Insurance Services of America,

While in Panama I did have surgery on January 15th and was in hospital until the morning of January 18th. The surgery went well and the doctors and the hospital were exceptional. I received great care and have already had 3 physiotherapy sessions and need six to seven more to achieve a range before I can fly home. Due to your interaction and support we were able to get the surgery before the bones had started to heal too much, which was the doctors concern. I am grateful that I did not have to fly home with the broken leg as it would have surely delayed my healing and made surgery more complicated. Your service has been exceptional. Thank you so much for your help! More from our BBB page!

Patricia M. – Submitted 1/20/20

I really appreciate your assistance Suzanne and personalized attention. It was great to be able find appropriate insurance for our trip. More from our BBB page!

 Susanne F. – Submitted 11/25/19

Hope you understand why I decided to keep things as they are.  Which, btw, I’m very happy, satisfied and grateful for.  Thanks to your good efforts, Suzanne. Most appreciated! More from our BBB page!

Sheila P. – Submitted 11/7/19

You’ve been very helpful, Rachel. Thank you for your time and expertise. You guys are great! I will promote Insurance Services of America whenever someone asks me about travelers medical and evacuation insurance! More from our BBB page!

Paul B. – Submitted 11/6/19

Having this insurance while traveling in Eastern Europe brought so much peace of mind. Though we thankfully never had to use it, we knew it was there. I do not travel overseas without having this kind of coverage! Thanks to Insurance Services of America! More from our BBB page!

Michael D. – Submitted 11/6/19

Rachel went above and beyond when I needed coverage for my upcoming trip. Her customer service was excellent, and I really appreciated how she took the time to help me get the policy I needed for the best price. I’ll be calling her back when I set up my next trip! Thanks so much, Rachel! More from our BBB page!

Kathyrn B. – Submitted 11/6/19

Thanks for your quick replies and for being so helpful. More from our BBB page!

Kristi S. – Submitted 9/29/19

All went well this summer, no problems healthwise. I did have an emergency treatment last summer and the hospital in Germany took very good care of me and I was reimbursed for my out-of-pocket expenses per the plan. So, I am very happy with the insurance that I get each summer when I travel to Europe.

Kurt R. – Submitted 9/2/19

I want to give a special shout out to Baylie and let you know that I REALLY REALLY appreciated her work on Friday afternoon. It was at the end of the day – and she went above and beyond !!  To top it off, you may not know that after she sent out those VISA Letters, she called me to make sure that I had what I needed. Again, the extra touch that we find missing from a lot of organizations – BUT NOT YOURS! This client that she helped me with, while not the largest client I have, is certainly one of most well connected clients I have. The owner of the organization is a former director of the FBI and the firm likes for things to go right! Baylie made sure that they did on Friday when I could not get the Visa Letters to produce at all.

John M. – Submitted 08/27/19

Suzanne – Your company is a joy with which to work and your assistance in filling forms over the phone can not be equaled.

Janeece E. – Submitted 08/15/19

Suzanne the information you sent to me was perfect and VERY well priced.  I sent it to the client and will touch base with her next week. Thank you for EVERYTHING!!

Thomas K. – Submitted 08/08/19

Rachel was wonderful!! Just having the policy for so little premium was well worth the peace of mind! The customer service was the BEST!!

Karen E. – Submitted 08/07/19

Thank you, Suzanne!  You’ve gone above and beyond. Grateful,

Dr. Rich F. – Submitted 08/06/19

Thank you! You make this process of enrolling my student group super easy for me. I appreciate all of your assistance!

Susan W. – Submitted 06/27/19

Thank you! You make this process of enrolling my student group super easy for me. I appreciate all of your assistance!

Bev M. – Submitted 06/21/19

Suzanne thank you for checking in with us and we had a fantastic trip – – no problems too so no need for a claim.  I appreciate the assistance you provided, and I have recommended you and your company to several of my friends so hopefully you will be getting some more business from them in the future.  Thank you again.

Jim L. – Submitted 06/19/19

Baylie you are such a pleasure to work with. Knowledgeable and with record response times!

Mindy P. – Submitted 05/24/19

Thank you so much for the message! As a mom, I felt more at ease knowing he would be taken care of by your services. Luckily, he had a very safe trip! It was a wonderful experience for him. I’m glad to have him back home though! I will definitely use ISA in the future if he decides to go on another adventure!

Susan T. – Submitted 05/15/19

They were extremely helpful in providing insurance for our mission’s team. Always available for info and quick service for getting cards and policies. We, fortunately, did not need to use any services, but this is who we will go through for any further missions’ trips. Thanks to Adam who was amazing in walking me through the process.

Cheryl M. – Submitted 05/08/19

As one of your international travelers, my group purchased your Day Tripper group travel medical plan. I suffered a stroke while in Kenya and was reimbursed over $25K in medical expenses and only had to pay my $250 deductible.

Donald B. – Submitted 04/29/19

Baylie you are the best. If there were more Baylie’s working companies would be better. Thank you for all your help.

Brett B. – Submitted 04/25/19

Suzanne has been super supportive!!!. More from our BBB page

Warren W.- Submitted 04/10/19

Baylie thank you so very much – you are fantastic.  I called the pre-certification # and was told my client was already pre-certified and a case had been opened for him. All they would need in the future was his discharge date.  I appreciate your claims help and the great service you provide.  You are the BEST. More from our BBB page

Bill M.- Submitted 04/10/19

Our staff have always felt cared for and Adam has always offered such personal attention. More from our BBB page

Paula B.- Submitted 04/01/19

Great coverage, price, and personal customer service. More from our BBB page

Casey K.- Submitted 03/27/19

Thank you for your card as well as all your help. Fortunately, we did not have to use the service. I also thank you for the information about what clinics or hospitals we could use. I checked and they would have been the ones we would use if needed. More from our BBB page

David C.- Submitted 03/27/19

I wanted to let you know how helpful Rachel was today in putting our insurance package together. It could not have been simpler!  She did our quote and paperwork last Fall and again this Spring.

More from our BBB page

Richard C.- Submitted 03/26/19

Great customer service and quick response time! Very reasonable rates and a pleasure to work with. More from our BBB page

Bonnie B.- Submitted 03/11/19

Used ISA for my 3-month trip to Kenya for travel and medical insurance, great service, my agent Adam Bates was great! So easy, fast and he explained everything. The price for both insurances were cheaper than I thought it would be. Will definitely use them again! I highly recommend them. More from our BBB page

Kelsey H.- Submitted 03/07/19

Thanks Graham. I am very happy to work with you and Suzanne is awesome. More from our BBB page

Maria C.- Submitted 02/22/19

Great, quick service. No hassles, even when I needed to change my policy. More from our BBB page

Kurtis D.- Submitted 02/19/19

Great product, wonderful customer service.

Carlos S.- Submitted 01/31/19

Excellent and easy to work with and provided an essential service at a very reasonable rate. Will use them again the next time we leave on a surgical humanitarian mission. More from our BBB page

Alan P.- Submitted 01/31/19

Wow- Suzanne was such a pleasure to work with. So quick, attentive and helpful. I have had only amazing experiences purchasing mission trip insurance through you all for our mission teams. Thank you! More from our BBB page

Natalie H.- Submitted 12/23/18

Graham your specialists were very helpful, and I do appreciate the level of customer service you offer!More from our BBB page

Jenni T.- Submitted 12/5/18

Mr. Bates, I appreciate for services your company provides for missionaries. Recently I joined a mission organization and one of my responsibilities to put together teams for
short-term mission trip and why I contacted ISA. As soon as I will figure out all details, I would come back to you. Both Adam and Suzanne have done a great job, no complaints.More from our BBB page

Aleksey S.- Submitted 11/21/18

Thank you so much for your help, Suzanne, you made everything so easy! I’ve got everything saved now, and I’ll look forward to getting hard copies in the mail. Thanks again, and all the best!More from our BBB page

Kat K.- Submitted 11/16/18

Hello Suzanne. Yes, I’m back home and happy to report no illness or incidents while abroad. I am very glad however that I had ISA watching my back, so to speak. More from our BBB page

Gloria M- Submitted 10/23/18

Suzanne thanks for all of your help with this. It is apparent that you are very knowledgeable regarding policies and travel abroad.
More from our BBB page

Laura- Submitted 10/10/18

We had a wonderful trip and are just home safely without incident. Suzanne you were amazingly helpful, and I will definitely use your services in future. God bless you. More from our BBB page

Linda and Fray M.- Submitted 10/3/18

Suzanne was great, and I was so surprised that she started a chat before 8 my time (I work EDT from the west coast). I had looked two brokerages and yours responded immediately the first day (I thought I would not get travel insurance that day). I didn’t get information from the other until the next day when I decided to get insurance but chose Suzanne because of the way she engaged with me the first time. More from our BBB page

Vera S.- Submitted 8/24/18

Rachel was awesome to work with and handled all of our needs quickly and professionally. More from our BBB page

Terry B.- Submitted 8/14/18

Appreciate you staying on top of this Suzanne. You are excellent at what you do!More from our BBB page

Rebecca C.- Submitted 8/1/18

I want to thank Rachel for her awesome customer service. She always responds quickly and is so helpful through the process of providing short-term coverage for our mission teams. I have enjoyed working with her for many years. I cannot say enough about her professionalism and the company’s performance too. I highly recommend you use ISA to provide coverage for your trip and have a peace of mind in doing so.More from our BBB page

Paul F.- Submitted 7/27/18

I suppose the ultimate test of this business would be how well they covered me in a health emergency. Fortunately, I made it through my trip without any accidents or illnesses, but the ordering process went very smoothly, and the price was very low. So far, I’m impressed.More from our BBB page

Heidi P.- Submitted 7/26/18

Suzanne you have been very helpful in everything we have had questions about this year so far. We love working with your company! More from our BBB page

Caitlyn L.- Submitted 7/17/18

I have used Insurance Services of America to insure long-term missionaries & short-term mission teams for over 10 years. I have consistently received excellent service in identifying and purchasing the policy/policies that fit my needs the best. I have found their staff to be helpful & knowledgeable. In the few instances that I’ve had to make a claim, I found their support and guidance to be invaluable. I regularly recommend ISA to my friends & colleagues. More from our BBB page

Lance S.- Submitted 7/13/18

I had a very good experience chatting on the website with Rachel Piccione. I am grateful for this way to purchase the insurance I need.
More from our BBB page

Ginny L.- Submitted 7/9/18

Suzanne was a pleasure to work with and was very knowledgeable and helpful.
More from our BBB page

Sherry N.- Submitted 6/22/18

Suzanne was great. Efficient and effective, two great adjectives.
More from our BBB page

Derek W.- Submitted 6/22/18

Thanks for following up with me! I definitely appreciate all of your assistance with this. You people at ISA are fantastic to work with!
More from our BBB page

Debbie J.- Submitted 6/22/18

I worked with an excellent representative. Suzanne walked me through the process, gave me advice and even accommodated me when our travelers changed. I recommend them and will definitely use them again when looking for traveler’s insurance.More from our BBB page

Katheryn A.- Submitted 6/18/18

Baylie, just wanted to tell you thanks again for your help today. You are always a pleasure to deal with and your customer service skills are outstanding!More from our BBB page

Troy C.- Submitted 6/15/18

Suzanne, you have been helpful, and it is a rarity to converse with someone directly. I will definitely recommend your site to my friends and family.More from our BBB page

Adrianna H.- Submitted 5/14/18

Your service is absolutely amazing!!More from our BBB page

Kathy C.- Submitted 5/9/18

Excellent Service and Insurance Company.More from our BBB page

Ksenia S.- Submitted 4/30/18

Rachel I cannot thank you enough for making this process so easy for me. I started this job 6 months ago and really didn’t have anyone to train me so a lot of this has been “trial by error.” I was so worried that I was way behind in getting travel insurance, but you assured me that I was not. I have told several people in the office who plan trips in other ministry areas of the church to call you for travel insurance. You really have been so great to work with and I will continue to call you each year when we plan the youth Pilgrimage. If I am involved in any other trip-planning in my job, I will call you for those trips as well.
More from our BBB page

Betsy P.- Submitted 4/26/18

Baylie you are awesome. Thank you so much. You are always such a joy to work with.
More from our BBB page

Bill M.- Submitted 4/23/18

My experience with your insurance company is limited, as I did not have to file any claims. However, I found it easy to purchase and quite easy to understand my coverage. I also thought it was offered to me at a reasonable price. Thank you.
More from our BBB page

Nancy S.- Submitted 4/10/18

I give Insurance Services of America and 7 Corners a 4-star rating! The service from the beginning was more than awesome; I was assisted by Mr. Adam Bates in satisfactory manners and I look forward to doing business again when I travel in the future! I highly recommend Insurance Services of America & 7 Corners to people who needs travel insurance!
More from our BBB page

Perla S.- Submitted 3/21/18

Graham I am always happy to assist solid Christian enterprises. Rachel who took care of me this year was truly superb. God bless you.
More from our BBB page

Rich B.- Submitted 3/20/18

We have used Insurance Services of America several times to cover our short-term dental mission teams that goes to Cambodia annually. We have yet to have a claim, so I cannot judge them on that—and hope we never have to. I will say that dealing with them is a snap. They are awesome in their handling of our needs. I fully intend to use them on our next trip in 2019.
More from our BBB page

Richard B.- Submitted 3/20/18

Suzanne, thanks so very much for all your help on our short notice trip. Everything went really well this time with no incidents. You’ve gone over and above in providing help. Really appreciate it.
More from our BBB page

Mike S.- Submitted 3/20/18

Fantastic service, eager to tell all my friends of the professional and quality service and product offered by Insurance Services of America.
More from our BBB page

Mack R.- Submitted 3/20/18

Thanks for your efficient processing when I applied for your coverage only a few days before my trip.
More from our BBB page

Esther S.- Submitted 2/5/18

Just want to let you know most of my interactions with ISA have been with Alyssa and she is amazing, always kind and helpful. Because I don’t work with STM and travel plans often, I’m a bit high maintenance. Even with this, she’s very patient. Recently, Suzanne has been of help, and again, wonderful. You very obviously have a great staff!
More from our BBB page

M. Wood – Submitted 1/29/18

Rachel is a joy to work with. She has really helped me to grasp insurance info on this trip, as well as my trip later this year.
More from our BBB page

James M. – Submitted 1/29/18

During the “chat” and subsequent phone calls/e-mails, Suzanne Munson gave me excellent customer service. She was friendly, responsive, and informative, asking questions and offering solutions. What I appreciated the most was her willingness to follow up – to contact the insurance companies and verify eligibility criteria. One company reported a country exclusion; the other, a waiting period that presented a potential gap in coverage. I appreciated the opportunity to evaluate each risk. Looking forward to working with ISA in the future.

More from our BBB page

Pam S. – Submitted 1/22/18

Suzanne was very helpful in answering all my questions and I’ve not gotten Day Tripper insurance for the week I’ll be in Mexico next month. I have saved all your company’s contact info and will use you any time I travel out of the US, which isn’t too frequently but it helps to know any medical issues would be covered when I do. And I’ll be sure to recommend your company to any of my friends who may need this service.
More from our BBB page

Cathy C. – Submitted 1/19/18

You are awesome Suzanne! Thank you! I just sent a text to my agent who I have known for years and told him how great you were and so quick to get back with me!
More from our BBB page

Benjamin W. – Submitted 1/11/18

My non-profit missions organizations uses Insurance Services of American for ALL of our overseas insurance needs. The insurance is affordable, easy to purchase and the staff are always extremely helpful with any questions I have. I would highly recommend this insurance for others looking for a trustworthy insurance company.
More from our BBB page

Collyn M. – Submitted 11/28/17

Provides good customer service!
More from our BBB page

Lee Ann H. – Submitted 11/28/17

Great team to work with, very attentive. Great value!
More from our BBB page

Rachid M. – Submitted 11/3/17

Fast, quick and easy. Good price and friendly service. Thank you all for making the process non painful or frustrating.
More from our BBB page

Mark R. – Submitted 11/1/17

Had GREAT care from Suzanne. Thanks for the help!
More from our BBB page

Jackie T. – Submitted 10/6/17

It was a real pleasure speaking with Suzanne. She was very helpful and I was impressed.
I will be awaiting for the other link since my daughter is US citizen, he is from Egypt, and both reside in Egypt.
More from our BBB page

Ahmed M. – Submitted 8/24/17

Completely positive experience. Very professional, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile to help us out.
More from our BBB page

Scott R. – Submitted 8/22/17

Thank you so much for the help and the excellent service! I just booked insurance and look forward to booking again in the future!
More from our BBB page

Jacob W. – Submitted 8/17/17

I had a great time during my trip to remote parts of India, especially with the peace of mind that I have medical/evacuation insurance in case I needed it. Thankfully, I did not need any services. It was very easy to work with Insurance Services of America and to get coverage. I highly recommend this insurance to travelers.
More from our BBB page

Jasdeep K. – Submitted 8/7/17

Thank you Graham very much for your email, yes Suzanne Munson your plan specialist was extremely helpful and very patient with us, it was because of her help, kindness and patience that we chose ISA 😊to buy the healthcare for our son. It was a pleasure dealing with her. Thank you once again and if we need any further help we will be in further contact 😊
More from our BBB page

Submitted 8/3/17

We have been working with Insurance Services for several years, and have always received exceptional service. Whether a simple email to follow up about a team we sent out, or finding the perfect policy to fit a unique situation (we have a lot of those!). Through email, on the phone, or chatting on their website, they provide all around great customer service. My business will continue to be with their team.

More from our BBB page

Megan M. – Submitted 7/25/17

We had a wonderful time in Cuba last week and working with Adam to insure we had the coverage we needed….just in case…was a pleasure. We did not need to use his services, but I believe they would have come through for us if we had needed the services.

More from our BBB page

Pamela S. – Submitted 7/20/17

I really liked how the insurance end of things were handled, one less thing for me as the outreach pastor to worry about. All & all, it was a very positive experience and I would be sure to work with Insurance Services of America again.

More from our BBB page

Troy S. – Submitted 7/13/17

I just returned from a 8 day mission trip to Peru. Before leaving I contacted Adam at Insurance Services Of America and he sent me the information I needed to purchase the insurance. The price was reasonable and the coverage was good. After I received the insurance card in the mail I realized that I had picked the wrong return date (one day too early). I emailed Adam and he was able to extend my coverage for another day for only $4.16. Once I returned they followed up with me to see if I needed help filing any claims. Thank goodness I didn’t, but the customer service was top notch! Working with Adam and his team at Insurance Services Of America is been a good experience. My next oversees trip, I will contact them again.

More from our BBB page

Julie B. – Submitted 6/28/17

I lead groups of 20 or more on overseas mission trips every summer. Working with Adam has been great -they offer great products at reasonable prices and he’s always very responsive and easy to work with. Kudos!

More from our BBB page

Brad B. – Submitted 6/23/17

Great Company! They were easy to work with, followed up on my questions and helped me pick the right type of coverage for the trip we were going on. Most of all they were priced right. Not only that but after my return they followed up to make sure that there was no claim that needed to be handled. Never had this happen to me before from any of the other companies I’ve used. Top notch company! Use them.

More from our BBB page

Roger R. – Submitted 6/20/17

Suzanne you have been great, super informative and very patient. Thank you again so much.

May the Lord bless you abundantly according to His riches!

More from our BBB page

Evamaria C. – Submitted 6/16/17

I just wanted to let you know that I am very appreciative of the
prompt and great service given to one of the couples on my
Helping Hands Mission Trip team, who had to cancel going
on the trip due to illness.

The Tribunos had purchased the Roundtrip Elite coverage provided
by Seven Corners. We followed the instructions online for filing
a claim and the Tribunos advised that, “We had no problem getting everything settled
with our travel insurance. We have received the reimbursement with no further explanation
needed, other than the doctor’s statement and all of the documentation you (Ronnie) provided us.”

More from our BBB page

Ronnie S. – Submitted 6/6/17

I just returned home from an eight day trip to Thailand. Great experience. Before I departed I purchased medical insurance from Insurance Services Of America . It gives one great piece of mind when you are thousands of miles from home to know that you are covered with great insurance in case the need arises . This is the third time I have purchased insurance from Insurance Services Of America and I have always been pleased. They are kind very professional and their charges very reasonable. I am pleased to recommend them to anyone who may be traveling outside of The United States.

More from our BBB page

Ted L. – Submitted 6/4/17

Have always been impressed with this company. They have very personal service and have always walked the extra mile with me anytime I needed them to. I highly recommend Adam Bates and his company to you.

More from our BBB page

Bobby S. – Submitted 6/2/17

We attended your conference in Las Vegas In August 2016 and were fortunate to pass by the booth of Graham Bates of Insurance Services of America.

We had been living overseas for years, but recently decided to return to reside most of the year in the US.

Big problems! Health insurance continues to be a major issue for those living or traveling overseas and especially if you are nearing the Medicare years.

Graham was able to guide us to interim insurance in the US for the period before we were eligible for Medicare to begin. This was very important as no other agents seemed to know about these issues.

Now, he has provided us with options for temporary health insurance for travel overseas – very important if you don’t have the coverage through US insurance or want to stay longer than 60 days.

I highly recommend his services to others in your conferences and hope that you will invite him to provide this important information and service to others.

Please contact me if you have any questions or need more information.
And Graham – thanks again for your helpful information and services.

More from our BBB page

Rita L. – Submitted 5/30/17

Rachel was most helpful and answered all of my questions in detail.
More from our BBB page

Sherry T. – Submitted 5/20/17

I have used this insurance service for several years. Although I have never needed health care reimbursement, I can say that my experience with the staff has been quite good.
More from our BBB page

Matthew H. – Submitted 4/24/17

I’ve used them a couple times, there is simply no comparison, they are fantastic!
More from our BBB page

Rich R. – Submitted 4/18/17

I’ve used this company several times now and they are always honest, help me get the best plan, and very helpful with claims. I highly recommend them.
More from our BBB page

Lindy P. – Submitted 4/17/17

From start to finish these guys were fantastic. They were recommended by a ministry partner who travels extensively and we found them extremely knowledgeable and responsive to queries. Highly commend.
More from our BBB page

Louanne E. – Submitted 4/6/17

This is the second year that our organization has used Insurance Services of America (ISA) for our short term work in the Amazon region of Brazil. They are extremely easy to work with and it is assuring that even though we did not need to file a claim (thankfully!) that their team was right there behind our team!
More from our BBB page

Ed P. – Submitted 4/4/17

The customer service I received via the International Services of America was amazing.
More from our BBB page

Theresa N. – Submitted 4/3/17

I didn’t have any claims but I am completely satisfied with Insurance Services of America. Straightforward, all questions answered and quick, easy process. One of the less expensive short term policies around.
More from our BBB page

LaDonna E. – Submitted 3/30/17

Everything went very smoothly. Staff were very helpful and friendly. Highly recommend!
More from our BBB page

Heather W. – Submitted 3/28/17

Easy to sign up. No issues.
More from our BBB page

Anthony D. – Submitted 3/20/17

Another great experience with Insurance Services! I’ll continue to use them for my travel insurance needs. Thanks again!
More from our BBB page

Brittany S. – Submitted 3/20/17

Very pleased with our experience with Insurance Services of America! We felt the personal touch, and questions I had were answered very thoroughly. They definitely appreciate their clients and truly consider their needs. Highly recommend!
More from our BBB page

Stephanie D. – Submitted 3/20/17

As the coordinator of a high school international service trip, I used Insurance Service of America to cover my students and chaperones. This company was incredibly easy to work with and their responses were incredibly quick. I had a few students drop out of the trip after I ordered the insurance, but I was able to change the names on the cards to that of the students who replaced them. I would not hesitate to use this company again and highly recommend it.
More from our BBB page

Chris W. – Submitted 3/13/17

Your agent Suzanne Munson has been a wonderful help which is especially appreciated since this is my first time purchasing travel insurance. I didn’t buy it last time I was in Haiti in 2010, but now that I’m leading a group of 6 of us, I really appreciate the peace of mind and feel confident in your services given what I’ve experienced thus far and what I’ve read about your company in the BBB reviews.
More from our BBB page

Juli L. – Submitted 3/10/17

My insurance buying was a positive experience.
More from our BBB page

Kent A. – Submitted 3/9/17

Price was competitive. They followed up to make sure everything has gone well.
More from our BBB page

Jeffrey G. – Submitted 2/28/17

I had a wonderful experience with Suzanne. This was the first time I used travel insurance and she was helpful and kind and I’m so glad to have a little peace of mind for my kids!
I will for sure consult your services again before another mission trip!
More from our BBB page

Katharine T. – Submitted 2/24/17

I have used Adam Bates and Insurance Services of America on several occasions and have always been pleased with the service and follow up l’ve received. I highly recommend them.
More from our BBB page

John B. – Submitted 2/23/17

Great help for getting help with insurance.
More from our BBB page

Diane S. – Submitted 2/13/17

Buying insurance was convenient and affordable.
More from our BBB page

Donald D. – Submitted 2/13/17

Excellent service. Easy to navigate web site. Wide variety of products. No surprises.
More from our BBB page

Anthony D. – Submitted 2/13/17

I had such a positive experience with the process of obtaining insurance from Insurance Services of America. I was undecided about what to do and Aaron returned my calls and found the perfect quote with everything I needed.
More from our BBB page

Brenda T. – Submitted 2/8/17

Very helpful in navigating the numerous insurance plans offered and pointing us towards the ones that would fit our unique situation.
More from our BBB page

Tim C. – Submitted 2/6/17

Everything was executed in a very professional way and I am completely satisfied with the service.
More from our BBB page

Joan D. – Submitted 2/3/17

Very good communication.
More from our BBB page

Maria O. – Submitted 2/2/17

I have used your travel insurance services before and was so pleased with the prompt, courteous and helpful way the agent worked with me. So I decided to go with you all again. Suzanne Munson was so very helpful, and once we have paid for our flight, I will begin the insurance coverage….probably in a few days. Please thank Suzanne Munson for the good job she did.
More from our BBB page

Carol T. – Submitted 1/23/17

We have used Insurance Services of America for many years to cover our team members during our service trips to Guatemala. Quotes are supplied quickly and the policies are reasonably priced and have great coverage. GREAT customer service! Would highly recommend.
More from our BBB page

David C. – Submitted 1/21/17

I am writing this feedback about my experience with Suzanne Munson regarding denial of claims of my son’s injury. There was some mistake by the doctor about writing cause of injury and it was reported to the insurance company incorrectly that it happened due to playing soccer which was not the case. Because of the doctor’s error, the company refused to cover it. I contacted to Suzanne and discussed the case in detail. She provided me guidance and her continuous help was a source of relief for me. I was, being a non-US citizen, not aware of the rules completely. Her conduct throughout the case has been of high standard. I and my family have no words to thank her for her care and concern. She is an excellent professional and replies all my mails promptly. We wish her an good luck for her future endeavors!
More from our BBB page

Farrukh N. – Submitted 1/18/17

This was my first time arranging for insurance for a missionary group traveling out of the country. The assistance and service I received from this organization was outstanding. Great customer service!
More from our BBB page

Carol D. – Submitted 1/18/17

Aaron has helped me on a couple of different occasions. He is always polite and quick to respond. He is also patient and gives me options based on my personal situation. I would not hesitate to recommend he and the company.
More from our BBB page

Melanie V. – Submitted 1/18/17

I work for a religious community and have worked with Aaron Bates at Insurance Services of America (ISA) for several years with our insurance needs for international travelers. I receive sound advice with applicable options to allow me to make the appropriate decision for our needs. I appreciate the level of detail and explanation and will continue to use ISA services for future needs.
More from our BBB page

Beth A. – Submitted 1/16/17

I applied for emergency health coverage while visiting USA. Emergency care is very expensive in USA to pay out of pocket. The site was easy to navigate The rates are reasonable and affordable although thankfully i did not need to use the coverage the policy clearly states what is and what isn’t covered it certainly gave me a sense of security.
More from our BBB page

Sohair H. – Submitted 1/3/17

The staff is absolutely the best! No pressure, full support and great product!
More from our BBB page

James H. – Submitted 1/3/17

Great friendly service for international travel health insurance.
More from our BBB page

Susan P. – Submitted 12/22/16

I am so thankful to their customer service team and in particular to Suzanne Munson for her help sorting out my claim. She was relentless in her search for a solution to the many issues I encountered while filing my claim and I could not thank her enough.
More from our BBB page

Silvia V. – Submitted 12/21/16

Insurance Services of America was very helpful from the start in answering my questions, helping me get set up with short term trip coverage, and being flexible when things needed to be changed. I always received a response in a timely manner and they checked in with me promptly when I returned from my trip. Adam assisted me and went above and beyond. I will be returning to them with any future short term insurance needs. Thank you!
More from our BBB page

Brittany S. – Submitted 12/19/16

I recently traveled to Zambia, and used them for travel medical insurance, I got wonderful quick efficient service, and great coverage for a great price. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone who’s traveling.
More from our BBB page

Sabine S. – Submitted 12/13/16

No problems with service from this company.
More from our BBB page

Danny T. – Submitted 12/12/16

Competitive prices. Easy purchase process.
More from our BBB page

Donald D. – Submitted 11/30/16

Excellent service. Very quick, efficient, logical, and the price was very fair. Thank you!
More from our BBB page

Jeanine V. – Submitted 11/27/16

The site is relatively easy to navigate and the insurance affordable! We’ll be using them again for sure!!
More from our BBB page

Chikondi H. – Submitted 11/22/16

Although I did not need to file a claim, the service is excellent and they are very thorough and efficient.
More from our BBB page

Kathy R. – Submitted 11/18/16

Great company to work with. Attentive and helpful.
More from our BBB page

Daniel D. – Submitted 11/15/16

Excellent experience, no complaints.
More from our BBB page

Jamila D. – Submitted 11/9/16

Great service, great communication, great pricing, great use of technology in the underwriting process! Thanks!
More from our BBB page

Seth T. – Submitted 11/8/16

Insurance Services of America was attentive and pleasant to work with. Thankfully, I had no need of their services; I hope to sign up for coverage on my next trip.
More from our BBB page

Judith G. – Submitted 11/3/16

This company is always professional, always knowledgeable, and always helpful. They are quick to help and answer questions, and they always provide the answers I need, and go out of their way to do things for me that are beneficial. We have used them for years, and will continue to use them for years.
More from our BBB page

Megan D. – Submitted 11/2/16

Enrollment was easy, paperwork arrived in timely fashion. Travel documents appropriately compact. No claim filed.
More from our BBB page

Samuel W. – Submitted 10/31/2016

My experience with Insurance Services of America has been very positive! The people are courteous, efficient, and helpful. I’m very happy with their services and would highly recommend them.
More from our BBB page

Stephanie S. – Submitted 10/25/2016

I was very pleased with this company. From the beginning, my agent was so very helpful in figuring out the appropriate coverage needed. And quick to help me with my delayed baggage claim.
More from our BBB page

Melodie L. – Submitted 10/20/2016

We had a great experience with Missionary Health/Insurance Services of America. It was easy to take care of getting our insurance needs covered. It was also a quick turnaround.
More from our BBB page

Angela D. – Submitted 10/14/2016

Insurance Services of America is a great business to work with, very professional, caring, and competent. I highly recommend them.
More from our BBB page

Ronnie M. – Submitted 10/11/2016

Didn’t really have to use it so I do not have much to say about the actual insurance itself. But setting up the insurance was very easy and the coverage offered was clear.
More from our BBB page

Vinesh G. – Submitted 09/19/2016

Insurance Services of America provided what I needed at a reasonable rate. I did not need to file a claim, thankfully, but all my contact with their company was good, helpful, and professional and I feel confident about using their services in the future.
More from our BBB page

Hannah P. – Submitted 09/08/2016

First rate, friendly, prompt service. We have used Adam Bates and his office for many short term insurance policies and are very satisfied.
More from our BBB page

Viviane S. – Submitted 09/06/2016

I appreciated such an easy process with my overseas insurance as well as the kind customer service.
More from our BBB page

Viviane S. – Submitted 09/05/2016

They wrote me email right after I returned from my trip asking if they could help me with any claims. Very kind.
More from our BBB page

Baolian W. – Submitted 08/26/2016

It is important have a good international health insurers.
More from our BBB page

Eduardo P. – Submitted 08/24/2016

Have used Insurance service of America several times for mission trips, Excellent service in obtaining coverage. Have never had to use claims so I have no comment on that.
More from our BBB page

William T. – Submitted 08/23/2016

Very easy for online purchasing.
More from our BBB page

Srdjan S. – Submitted 08/19/2016

I have been totally satisfied with the service and the insurance that I have received from Insurance Services of America. I have used them for a number of years now, and will continue to use their services in the future.
More from our BBB page

Walter D. – Submitted 08/18/2016

This company is thorough and detail-oriented. Suzanne Munson, in particular, is efficient and wonderful with customer service. She is thoughtful and sensitive as well. Thank you!
More from our BBB page

Paula F. – Submitted 08/18/2016

I have used this company several times and the agent is always very helpful, very friendly and gives me options and prices for the various types of coverage available to me. I will use them again without any hesitation.
More from our BBB page

LaVerne W. – Submitted 08/16/2016

Professional, transparent and smooth.
More from our BBB page

Yuhui G. – Submitted 08/16/2016