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Posted on October 20, 2021 in Mission Trip Update, Travel

An Unbelievable True Story

As a tour guide working in Morocco, our client experienced many amazing sights as she educated visitors about the local culture. But it was her own vacation to Laos that gave her a truly unbelievable–and harrowing–experience. Read her stranger-than-fiction story below.

Posted on March 5, 2013 in Mission Trip Update

Mission Trip Update!

T.E.C. Mission – Through Eyes of Children: Mission Trip Update

Here is a group of our clients doing great work on their missionary trip. Please take the time to check out their website here. This blog entry focuses on one of their updates about providing eye care clinics in Nicaragua.

“Arriving at the Jinotepe church for our first eyeglass clinic made us feel like we had arrived at home. Everyone was so welcoming. People were sitting under a big tent set up outside the front of the church to give us the space to work inside the little building. We saw about 85 patients Saturday. What a blessing it was to see some of the faces light up when people realized that they could see so much better with their new eyeglasses. It was a long but satisfying day.”

Read the entire article here!

Posted on February 4, 2013 in Mission Trip Update

“A Different Kind Of Day” Blog From New Life Church

Another blog we liked from one of our clients at New Life Church. Here’s a snip-it from “A different kind of day”. Click to read the entire blog below!

Hola blog readers, this is Craig. I am taking a turn at the blog writing. Today was different for me than what I would consider a normal day of a missions trip in the past. Instead of building a physical structure, we continued the building of relationships as well as the fortifying of marriages. We started our day as usual. For Beth and I that means waking up at around 5:30. Breakfast this morning consisted of the normal stuff for here, fresh local pineapple and strawberries as well as an assortment of cereals, oatmeal and oh yes, of course, coffee.

Read the full article here>>

Posted on January 29, 2013 in Mission Trip Update

“Refresh!” Blog from New Life Church

New Life Church, one of our clients located in Gahanna Ohio, is very familiar with missionary work. Having just completed a mission trip to Costa Rica, we corresponded with the group leader Cindy. They have a wonderful blog that documents their trips and is available for any one to see. Cindy informed of us this wonderful resource and kindly agreed to let us highlight articles from their recent trip! Most every day is showcased in a fun and enlightening way in this blog. One of my favorite articles from the recent trip to Costa Rica is titled “Refresh!”

Below is the opening passage to the article:

“When your morning starts with birds chirping, flowers blooming, sun shining,  and Grandma Cindy’s baked oatmeal for breakfast, you know it is going to be a great day! By the way, this is Mama Cindy (schmidt) blogging, Grandma Cindy is missionary/ cook/hostess extraordinaire Lafrance, and Little Cindy is the youngster, Cindy Boggs- yes, we have 3 Cindys in the house, which is always fun!”

You can continue reading the full article, as well as look at all of the other blogs entries by clicking on this link.

Posted on January 9, 2013 in Mission Trip Update, Travel

Tips for Traveling Abroad-Customs and Import Restrictions

Tips for Traveling Abroad-Customs and Import Restrictions

Customs Restrictions of Foreign Destinations – What You Cannot Take to Other Countries

Many countries have restrictions on what may be brought into the country, including food, pets (see “Taking a Pet Overseas” under “Passports and Other Travel Documents,” below), and medications. Even over-the-counter medications may be prohibited in some countries. Check with the embassies of your destination countries as to prohibited items. A listing of foreign embassies and consulates in the U.S. is available on the Department of State’s website at Foreign embassy and consulate contact information can also be found on the Country Specific Information for each country. (more…)

Posted on November 7, 2012 in Expat Living, Mission Trip Update

“The Entire World Flipped On It’s Head”

The bottom line is that the Christian has a calling and a responsibility to think, work, and live in terms of how the world ought to be in contrast to reacting to how it really is. Christians who engage the world—like the many stories I’ve shared and the many more I could have—are consumed by this “way things ought to be” mind-set. They eat, drink, and breathe restoration. They see injustice and fight it. When confronted with evil they turn it for good. They are motivated to bring the love of Christ into every broken system they encounter. Instead of being cynical and hopeless, they bring optimism and expectation. For them, the entire world has been flipped on its head. Their focus has moved from self to others; from problems to solutions; from failure to redemption; from brokenness to restoration. They recognize the broken, weak, fallen, and corrupt but can’t leave them in that condition—they are moved to change things. The next Christians are offering a new way forward—a way to act, live, and bring others along with them into the new reality of how things ought to be.


Excerpted from The Next Christians by Gabe Lyons

Posted on November 1, 2012 in Central America, Mission Trip Update

Restore Haiti Mission Trip Update

Leading up to the trip, our team kept busy. We were constantly receiving donations for health kits, which we assembled two weeks prior to the trip. We sorted hundreds of medications to distribute at the clinic. Lastly, we prepared as a team.

The ages of the team members ranged from the teens to the 50’s, but we would not let age interfere with our connection as a group. We viewed it as something to celebrate. It showed  that no one is too young or too old to set an example as a follower of Christ. As we landed in Port-au-Prince, and prepared to drive to Jacmel everyone’s hearts were racing. The entire team was anxious for the week ahead, and ready to see what the Lord had prepared for them. (more…)

Posted on August 30, 2012 in Mission Trip Update

Adventures In Life Ministry 2012 Summer Recap

I met Dave Miller, the Executive Director of Adventure in Missions (AIL), at a  National Short-term Missionary Conference and I remember having coffee with him, listening how God was blessing the people of Oaxaca, Mexico through AIL.  Nearly a decade since I met Dave, God continues to be great things in Oaxaxa and if you don’t believe me, then Like AIL’s Facebook page and check out the pictures and updates.  I’m glad I met Dave, we provide travel medical insurance for his mission teams so they can go serve in Oaxaxa without having to worry about an unforeseen accident or illness.

Dave sent out the below update today.  Take a minute and read about Adventure In Life Ministry’s summer and check out their 20th anniversary celebration. (more…)

Posted on August 22, 2012 in Central America, Mission Trip Update

Health Teams International in Honduras

A Health Teams International team went to Honduras July 8 – 22, 2012, for our 3d time at the invitation of our same host family. They are a large prominent 3 generation family who started a church in Honduras’s capital of Tegucigalpa with the same purpose as Health Teams International and that is to reach the unreached with the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One of the family members is a pastor, another a M.D., another, an international Spanish speaking Evangelist, and another is married to the Secretary of the Honduran Army. They are the most loving and helpful people I have ever met. Grandma, 85 years old, cooked the whole team safe, delicious, home made suppers every night and we ate in her home.


Posted on May 3, 2012 in Central America, Mission Trip Update

Mission Update: Time Ministries, Dominican Republic

Author: Adam Bates

Another story from the field! Our group travel medical insurance client, Time Ministries, shares this update on a recent trip to the Dominican Republic:

Our group of 6 men went to the Dominican Republic to build a 25 x 36 foot Pavilion in the village of Cercadillo, about 60 miles north of Santo Domingo, the capitol of the DR. Ina York has been tirelessly working in Cercadillo for over 5 years. To see, firsthand, what God has done in the village through Ina is truly unbelievable. (more…)