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Updated US State Dept Travel Warning for Brazil

Updated US State Dept Travel Warning for Brazil Featured Image

by Adam Bates

This message is to update US citizens about security concerns in Salvador, Bahia and surrounding areas stemming from a state-wide work stoppage by the Military Police in the State of Bahia. Brazilian national security forces were deployed into Salvador on the morning of Friday, February 3. Nevertheless, the homicide rate in Salvador reportedly has risen significantly during the past week. In addition, there have been reports of significant increases in the rates of property crimes, including lootings and car thefts. All private schools in Salvador were closed on Monday, February 6. Public schools remained open, but report very low attendance.

As of Monday morning, February 6, Brazilian national security forces had surrounded the state legislative building in Salvador with orders to arrest leaders of the striking Military Police. The siege of the legislative building creates a risk of violence. US citizens are strongly advised to avoid the area around the legislative assembly building, which is located in the “Paralela” area between the airport and downtown Salvador.

US citizens should continue to monitor media reports about security conditions in Salvador and the State of Bahia and should consider delaying any non-essential travel to those areas until security conditions have stabilized.