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Mission Update: Time Ministries, Dominican Republic

Mission Update: Time Ministries, Dominican Republic Featured Image

Author: Adam Bates

Another story from the field! Our group travel medical insurance client, Time Ministries, shares this update on a recent trip to the Dominican Republic:

Our group of 6 men went to the Dominican Republic to build a 25 x 36 foot Pavilion in the village of Cercadillo, about 60 miles north of Santo Domingo, the capitol of the DR. Ina York has been tirelessly working in Cercadillo for over 5 years. To see, firsthand, what God has done in the village through Ina is truly unbelievable.

We witnessed Ina pack up her SUV with different supplies every day: sewing machines, materials and generators to teach the women a variety of crafts; coloring books, crayons, games and other supplies to involve the children in different learning exercises, like reading, writing and arithmetic; electrical materials to support the men there in learning how to become electrical apprentices; and toothpaste, toothbrushes, and Bibles for everyone! And she does this in two previously built Pavilions; the “Yellow Building” and the “Blue Building”.

Our task was to construct a third “Green Building,” with the help of a local missionary organization, Time Ministries. We went out to the village and dug trenches through 3 feet of volcanic rock to lay the foundation for the pavilion.

That evening we had to load the truck with all our panels, trusses, roof sections and tools, so that we could leave at the crack of dawn the following morning. We arrived early, and it took us – and some hired men from the village – all day to put up the building. We encountered one of the more special moments when we power-tooled the last nail in the center-truss of the building. David, one of the Cercadillo residents had said that a new building can only be officially dedicated after it rains, signifying God’s blessing. Well, the moment that last nail was hammered in, the heavens opened up. It rained so hard, that we couldn’t hear ourselves talk. It was a great blessing indeed, one we all accepted in gratitude.

For more information on becoming a Group Leader with Time Ministries to lead a team to the Dominican Republic, email Time Ministries at or visit their site for details: