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Land of the Free? Not when it comes to healthcare…

Land of the Free?  Not when it comes to healthcare… Featured Image

We’ve all seen the horror stories: Travelers/Visitors to the USA who are saddled with tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills after falling ill in the United States. Well, the USA may be the “land of the free” but NOT when it comes to health care.

In fact, it seems not a week goes by without another article in the foreign press featuring an unsuspecting tourist, immigrant or visitor who racks up eye-watering debt after heading to an emergency room for a relatively minor ailment, not to mention the jaw dropping exposure to medical debt for any type of truly serious illness that may befall one.

But Insurance Services of America (ISA) takes away the worry from being exposed to such eye popping, catastrophic medical bills.

Many of our clients have purchased travel medical plans when they venture outside the borders of the USA, but may not realize that ISA also offers low cost travel medical insurance for travelers/immigrants/visitors into the USA. Yes, Insurance Services of America offers low cost plans for both outbound or inbound individuals.