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Our Client’s Heroic Navy SEAL Rescue

Our Client’s Heroic Navy SEAL Rescue Featured Image

Dr. Dilip Joseph, a client of Insurance Services of America, realized his life’s dream to provide overseas humanitarian aid when he became the Medical Director at Morning Star Development. In 2012, the Colorado-based organization sent Dr. Joseph to remote, war-torn villages in Afghanistan on a humanitarian mission. The rewarding work was not, however, without its dangers…to say the least.

On a cold December morning in 2012, while traveling to Kabul, armed Taliban soldiers intercepted and kidnapped the doctor and two native colleagues. In his riveting account, Dr. Joseph shares the horror and ultimate triumph of his ordeal in his book Kidnapped By the Taliban: A Story of Terror, Hope, and Rescue by SEAL Team Six (available at

The kidnapping and resulting hostage situation necessitated the deployment of special Navy SEAL Team Six, which only months before had successfully pulled off one of the most famous operations in US combat history: the capture and execution of Osama Bin Laden. The mission was dangerous, true, but Ed Byers, Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator (SEAL/FMF/SW), was prepared to fulfill his duty to rescue Dr. Joseph.

The daring rescue took place shortly after the kidnapping in the Qarghah’i District of Laghman Province. Byers and his team hiked for several hours before finding the compound where Dr. Joseph was held captive. Deciphering friend from foe in the dark compound was difficult, but Byers successfully located the doctor and used his own body to shield him from enemy fire; this act of bravery ultimately garnered Byers a very rare Medal of Honor. Byers has become just one of three sailors and 17 total service members to receive the medal since 9/11.

You can read more about the SEAL mission to rescue Dr. Joseph at NavyTimes.

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