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Restore Haiti Mission Trip Update

Restore Haiti Mission Trip Update Featured Image

Leading up to the trip, our team kept busy. We were constantly receiving donations for health kits, which we assembled two weeks prior to the trip. We sorted hundreds of medications to distribute at the clinic. Lastly, we prepared as a team.

The ages of the team members ranged from the teens to the 50’s, but we would not let age interfere with our connection as a group. We viewed it as something to celebrate. It showed  that no one is too young or too old to set an example as a follower of Christ. As we landed in Port-au-Prince, and prepared to drive to Jacmel everyone’s hearts were racing. The entire team was anxious for the week ahead, and ready to see what the Lord had prepared for them.

Throughout the week, there were many jobs to do, and every team member had an opportunity to participate in each task. We had the clinic open, with many doctors and nurses ready to get to work. The men mostly worked with construction, helping lay the foundation for a house being built by Restoration Ministries. We also had many skilled musicians who helped lead rhythm and pitch practice for a local choir. The team contained eight teenagers ranging from 9th-12th grade. The teenagers

 participated in almost every activity possible from construction and the clinic to helping in the kitchen. As always, everyone loved spending time with the kids more than anything.

It was remarkable to see the difference Restore Haiti has made and is still making in the community. Year after year, team members are able to see the kids and the ministry grow. It is amazing to see the large amount of progress Restore Haiti has made in the feeding program, the preschool, and the Rebuild

Haiti Campaign. Every trip with Restore Haiti is truly life changing, and this trip was no exception.