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Adventures In Life Ministry 2012 Summer Recap

Adventures In Life Ministry 2012 Summer Recap Featured Image

I met Dave Miller, the Executive Director of Adventure in Missions (AIL), at a  National Short-term Missionary Conference and I remember having coffee with him, listening how God was blessing the people of Oaxaca, Mexico through AIL.  Nearly a decade since I met Dave, God continues to be great things in Oaxaxa and if you don’t believe me, then Like AIL’s Facebook page and check out the pictures and updates.  I’m glad I met Dave, we provide travel medical insurance for his mission teams so they can go serve in Oaxaxa without having to worry about an unforeseen accident or illness.

Dave sent out the below update today.  Take a minute and read about Adventure In Life Ministry’s summer and check out their 20th anniversary celebration.

It seems as if it was yesterday that I was standing at the airport waiting for Jenness to arrive for a month of mission work in Oaxaca.

Now as we get ready to close out August, and I head back to Ensenada for some more time at Iglesia Dios es Amor, pastored by Jesus Vera, we should look back and give thanks!

God has been good to Adventures in Life this summer and through our work, the people of Ensenada, Guadalajara, and Oaxaca.

In Ensenada, we remodeled and expanded the kitchen at Dios es Amor, played a supporting role in their ongoing summer day camp, Plantarte, and helped facilitate a summer kid’s camp for almost 75 kids, many of whom are not connected with the church. How’s that for community outreach?

In Guadalajara, we had the largest group of kids I have ever seen at our Outreach Clubs in all the years I have served with Pastor Raul and Iglesia Rey de Reyes.

And in Oaxaca, over 120 children participated in our Outreach Club in San Baltazar, along with more than 30 women who joined our growing sewing ministry. We then followed that up with a week of camp ministry for over 60 Zapotec kids, from more than 10 communities around the state of Oaxaca.

For the first time since the economic crisis hit the US, we saw an increase in participant numbers. We are still way below our peak years of 2006 – 2008, but it looks as if we have finally turned the corner and are seeing an uptick in participant numbers for our ministry.

Additionally, AIL was able to provide 3 students from Guadalajara and 1 from Ensenada the opportunity to serve alongside our ministry.

Perhaps most encouraging is the view looking forward.

We are already filling up for 2013. We have committed to two camps next year in Oaxaca, one for youth and one for kids. We are adding a second week of medical ministry in Oaxaca and making plans to drill two new wells, one at Chable’s ranch and another farther outside of Oaxaca City, close to Etla. In addition, we are supporting an ongoing sewing class for women in San Baltazar.

In Ensenada, we will again come alongside Dios es Amor and their growing ministry and in Guadalajara, we are going to help Pastor Raul realize his longtime dream of a soccer outreach ministry at his church, Rey de Reyes.

All of this is in addition to our Men’s Ministry, February 2 – 9 and our Spring Medical Ministry, March 2 – 9, 2013. Both of these exciting weeks of mission are in Oaxaca. Let us know where you want to plug into and we will get you a space in what is looking like a great year of ministry coming up in 2013!

Thank you God for a wonderful year of ministry in 2012…

We look forward to seeing what you have in store for us next year…


Dave Miller
Executive Director
Adventures in Life Ministry