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We can't believe it's already May! Hopefully you've enjoyed 2012 so far and are planning a much needed vacation this summer. This edition of Landing Gear features some updates for our most popular travel insurance plans. If you have any questions, just contact us at (800) 647-4589 and we'll be speaking soon!
~ Jessica and the gang at Insurance Services of America

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Feeling Adventurous? Go For It!

If you decide to entertain your inner stunt-person with an impromptu jet skiing, rock climbing or zip lining adventure on your next overseas trip, go right ahead! If you have one of our Atlas or Day Tripper travel medical insurance plans, coverage for individual hazardous and thrill-seeking sports is no longer's now included at no additional cost!

This May, these two plans have also been updated to feature:
    » Acute onset of pre-existing medical condition coverage has been increased from $15,000 to $20,000
    » Acute onset of dental pain coverage has been increased from $100 to a maximum of $250 per certificate period
    » Maximum certificate period has been reduced to 364 days; however, you can reapply for as long as you are traveling outside your home country
    » Atlas America and Day Tripper America for foreign nationals coming to the US is limited up to age 79; call (800) 647-4589 for help insuring someone over 80
    » Lower rates—up to 12% reduction in rates for students 29 years and younger
Recommendations From Our Client Advisors
Day Tripper Brochure We recommend the Atlas plan for individuals traveling, volunteering or studying abroad. In addition to the excellent sports coverage, the plan features medical benefits for sickness and accidents and emergency medical evacuation in case there is a medical emergency and you need to be flown to a hospital. See how affordable the Atlas plan is today!

The Day Tripper is recommended for school groups, volunteer and mission teams and groups of 5 or more people traveling abroad as well as a group of foreign nationals visiting the US. Take a few minutes and get a FREE quote now!

Attention US Visitors: Important Plan Updates

Inbound Immigrant Network Expanded
If you're a non-US citizen or if your parents or family are non-US citizens immigrating to the US and need affordable health insurance, we have good news: our Inbound Immigrant plan now features a newly expanded network inside the US.

By visiting the US network physicians or facilities, your bill will automatically be reviewed for possible discounts! The scheduled benefit limits and the deductible will then be applied. If there is a remaining balance, then you will be notified of the amount you owe. The amount of the discount varies based on the doctor, hospital and procedure. In some cases, a reduction in pricing may not be available.

For more information, visit Usage of the network is not required, but any treatment received outside of the network will not be eligible for discounts. You have to apply within the first 24 months of arriving in the US and you can renew your policy for approximately 5 years. The plan offers the same low rates and the benefits have not changed. See for yourself with a FREE quote today!

Maternity Coverage
If you're a non-US citizen residing in the US and need maternity coverage, for a limited time you can still apply for our Global Citizen with no waiting period for maternity. Hurry because beginning July 1 there will be a 12-month waiting period for maternity on all new applications. Get a quote and apply today.

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