My good friend and Insurance Services of America Broker Advisor, Kina Reid, wrote a funny Spring Break story featured in this edition of Landing Gear. It reminded us of the Roundtrip plan; a plan we hope you'll use for your upcoming trips whether at home or abroad.
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A Final Woof
From Jamal

JamalThe wind in my fur and good food in my tummy...I love Spring Break road trips!

How I Spent My Spring Break


Dear Mom and Dad,

Spring Break is a blast, wish you were here. The ocean is just beautiful, and the water is so clear you can almost see the jellyfish before they sting you. Boy those little suckers really hurt! I think I might remember where I left my wallet, too. I sure hope so, 'cause for the past few days I have been existing on a diet of Chiclets that I purchased from one of the roadside natives here. I tell ya, people can be very friendly to tourists. Just yesterday, some people told me to take a hike. I thought that was very nice of them to suggest recreational activities.

Unfortunately, since the airline lost one of my bags on the way down here, I didn't have my hiking boots, and when that lizard bit my ankle, it hurt almost as bad as falling down that hill afterwards.


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Kina Reid, our Broker Advisor and Plan Specialist, is a wife, mother and Pinterest addict.

Learn more about her at

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A Roundtrip policy can protect the cost of your trip and offers coverage for medical emergencies whether your next trip is overseas or stateside. The plan includes a cancel-for-any-reason option as well.

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