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We'll be at the National Short-Term Missions Conference in Tucson, Arizona this January. If you're going, please let Adam know!

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JamalA few New Years resolutions for us furry types! Bark!

Fala português? A Language Barrier Won't Keep You Grounded—Insurance Works

I enjoy culture shock from time to time. Traveling abroad is a welcomed interruption in my otherwise ordinary life. New foods, exotic traditions, foreign languages—these are some of the things I love the most about visiting a new country. Whether I travel off the beaten bath or into a thriving metropolis, the adventure of a new place prods me to book my next overseas flight.

A few of my fondest memories include getting lost in the Tahitian rainforest only to stumble upon a picturesque waterfall; sharing a single bus seat with two adults, children, and chickens in Mozambique; and touring underground cities thousands of years old in Istanbul.

Along with fond memories, I've also experienced some pretty nerve-wracking situations. Airline check-in counters that open just two hours before your sold-out international flight; weather delays that cause you to miss your connecting flight; seeing your luggage sitting on the tarmac as your plane ascends—even the most carefully planned trip can be disrupted by an unforeseen crisis. Even a language barrier can leave you stranded.


Writing This Month

Adam Adam Bates, our Vice President is also a Client Advisor for us. He has traveled over 500,000 miles, been on five continents and serves clients in over 150 countries. In his free time, he likes to travel, surf, watch independent movies and volunteer at Rebecca’s Home Orphanage in Mozambique, Africa.

Countries visited: England (UK), Germany, Mexico, Mozambique, Portugal, South Africa, Tahiti (French Polynesia), and Turkey.

Email him to say "hello"!

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