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Updated US State Department Travel Warning for Nigeria

Updated US State Department Travel Warning for Nigeria Featured Image

I believe this is one warning that US Citizen should take heed. I recently spoke to a client preparing to travel to Nigeria. She is currently in a neighboring country and is taking additional measures before her trip. Due to the increased violence, my client purchased an Accidental Death and Dismemberment policy which includes war and terrorism coverage. If you are traveling to Nigeria or countries which the US State Department has issued warnings, then please contact us for war and terrorism medical and AD&D insurance.  – Adam Bates, Vice President, Insurance Services of America.

From the US State Department:
After further review of the security situation, including recent security warnings, continued states of emergency and curfews in the North, the June 23 explosion of an IED in Abuja, ongoing security concerns within the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja), and the associated road blocks and significant police/security force deployments within the area, all U.S. government personnel are required to return to their residences by nightfall. This restriction will remain in place until further notice.

The U.S. Embassy continues to urge American Citizens to exercise and maintain a high state of vigilance when frequenting commercial establishments, including restaurants, grocery stores, bars, shopping malls, place of worship, and places of social gatherings, avoid peak hours of operation, do not linger after business is conducted, and immediately depart the area if you notice any unusual/suspicious activity.

All American citizens are reminded that this year, extremists have attacked many targets, killing and injuring hundreds of people. They have targeted churches, mosques, media houses, police stations, immigration and customs offices, financial institutions, markets, state government offices, beer gardens, and nightclubs. Attackers have also burned and destroyed several public and private schools in Borno and targeted several educational institutions in Kano and churches in Plateau, Bauchi, Kaduna, Niger, and Borno states.
The U.S. Embassy reminds all Mission Personnel of the continued terrorist threat in Nigeria. During the past few months, purported terrorist entities have threatened to carry out attacks against government personnel and offices, hotels, all educational institutions, both private and public, especially schools attended by children of prominent and foreign individuals, religious institutions, places of worship, shopping areas and malls, large gathering/socializing places, communications centers, media offices, and mass transit facilities.

Kidnapping is another common tactic extremists use to instill fear and promote extremist goals. In recent months three Western expatriates kidnapped earlier in the year were killed by extremists in the North. In addition, Nigerian security personnel in the Federal Capital Territory have been reassigned from crime prevention to other security- related assignments.
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