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6 Tips for Taking Your First Mission Trip

6 Tips for Taking Your First Mission Trip Featured Image
6 Tips for Taking Your First Mission Trip

Adventures in Mission

Here are six tips for taking your first mission trip: 

1) Be open to God’s Spirit. Step out, take risks. Pray, listen, and obey.
2) Show obvious respect for other cultures. Ask questions, show interest, and be observant. Many a cultural faux pas can be avoided by simply being aware of your surroundings.
3) Attempt to speak the language. A common American misconception is that any attempt to speak another language will be ridiculed. This is often not the case. In many parts of the world, trying to speak the indigenous language honors the people you’re visiting. Most will be patient with you, and this is the best way you’ll learn… by actually trying.
4) Try new things. Step out of your personal comfort zone. Eat exotic foods and drink unusual beverages. You won’t like everything, but it’s important to try new things in order to expand your paradigm. You never know: you may end up loving something you never thought you’d like. Learn a local dance or song. Buy a real souvenir — not a cheap trinket, but something authentic, like a native dress or shirt or something legitimately handmade.
5) Don’t be a tourist. Make this visit about more than cheap memories and opportunities to take a photo. Instead of going sightseeing, hang out in a park and strike up a conversation. Do what the locals do.
6) Don’t go back to normal. When you return from your trip, you may feel weird. This is a good kind of “weird.” Things that used to be important to you may now seem silly or trivial. You may find yourself getting annoyed with mundane things. Embrace the fact that you have changed, and ask God how you can apply what you’ve learned.